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Programme: COST Action FA0604, Triticeae genomics for the advancement of essential European crops http://cost-inpas.org/

Project title: Role of HvCKX1 and HvCKX2 genes in the regulation of level of cytokinins and growth and productivity of barley plants

Contract nr: MNiSW 620/N-COST/09/2010/0

Acronym: TritiGen

Project duration: 13.01.2010 – 12.07.2011

Main coordinator: Alan Schulman, MTT Agrifood Research Finland Biotechnology and Food Research (BEL), Finland

Polish partner:
Jolanta Biesiaga-Kościelniak, Polish Academy of Sciences The F.Gorski Institute of Plant Physiology, Kraków
Iwona Szarejko, Faculty of Biology and Environment Protection, University of Silesia, Katowice
Anna Nadolska-Orczyk, IHAR-PIB w Radzikowie

Main objectives:
Europe faces the challenge of delivering safe, high-quality, and health-promoting food and feed as well as bio-products in an economical, environmentally sensitive, and sustainable manner across environments that face climatic change and increasing abiotic and biotic stresses. Triticeae cereals (wheat, barley and rye) are essential in human and domestic animal nutrition and are arguably the most important crops for European agriculture. Existing germplasm resources and current breeding methods alone are insufficient for understanding the mechanisms underlying important traits and for catalysing a quantum leap in yield, sustainability and quality improvement. Major advances in crops will require a broad suite of direct genomics approaches, built on relevant data from model plants (rice, Brachypodium). Such a strategy is massively complex and can only be carried out efficiently at the international level. The COST Action will coordinate, focus and strengthen national and pan-European Triticeae genomics to improve sustainability and value of the crops.
The main objective of this Action is to develop the technology platforms and projects that will provide efficient tools to identify and exploit qualitative and QTL alleles for improving wheat, barley and rye.

Link: : http://tritigen.ari.gov.cy/; http://www.cost.eu/domains_actions/fa/Actions/FA0604

Contact: a.orczyk@ihar.edu.pl

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