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Programme: COST Action FA0605, International Network of Plant Abiotic Stress

Project title: Signaling control of stress tolerance and production of stress protective compounds in plants

Contract nr: MNiSW 718/N-COST/2010/0

Acronym: INPAS

Project duration: 10.06.2010 – 10.12.2011

Main coordinator: Antonio F. Tiburcio, University of Barcelona, Department of Natural Products (Plant Physiology Unit), Faculty of Pharmacy

Polish partner:
Andrzej Jerzmanowski , University of Warsaw, Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics in Warsaw
Izabela Marcińska, Instytut Fizjologii Roślin PAN w Krakowie
Wacław Orczyk, IHAR-PIB w Radzikowie,

Main objectives:
Drought is one of the most important factors limiting the productivity of cereals, and because of the scarcity of fresh water resource, irrigation may not be the only solution to reduce the effects of water scarcity in agriculture. One possibility is to breed crop varieties with higher tolerance to water shortages. The specific objective of the project was to identify the ortholog gene OsGSK1 in barley and to investigate its role in tolerance to drought. In this project patent-pending have been designed.

Link: http://cost-inpas.org/

Contact: w.orczyk@ihar.edu.pl

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