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Independent Laboratory of Quality Evaluation of Plant Materials

Anna Fraś, D. Sc. 
Phone: +480227334551
e-mail: a.fras@ihar.edu.pl


  • determination of the end-uses quality of new varieties and advanced breeding materials of cereals, legumes and oilseeds,
  • evaluation of nutritive value of typical Polish cereals i.e. rye and triticale and brewing quality of malt barley,
  • development and implementation of screening methods for special breeding programs towards improved quality.

Current research:

  • effect of dietary fibre content and composition on nutritive value of various cereals and rapeseeds,
  • composition and structure of cell wall polysaccharides in relation to technological value of rye and rye flour,
  • determination of genetic diversity of bioactive components, mainly dietary fibre in bread wheats and to comparison purposes in other cereal species,
  • estimation of natural sources of dietary fibre and starch in population of oats collected in Gene Banks,
  • variability of brewing value of Polish spring barleys and development of screening method suitable in the selection of breeding material for high malting and nutritive quality.


The Laboratory consists of chemistry lab and animal house and besides research activity acts also as test laboratory offering a broad range of physico-chemical and biological analyses of plant raw materials as well as food and feed products. The offer of analyses is based on the appropriate instrumental equipment and the know-how of the Staff.

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