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5-th Framework Programme EU.

Project title:"Development of a new continous fully automatic potato sorter system"

Conctract nr
. WG DECOP G1 ST-Ct-2002-50276

Acronym: DECOP

Project duration: 1.01.2003 – 1.01.2005

Main coordinator: Innokat Anlagentechnik

Polish partner: doc. dr hab. Kazimiera Zgórska,

Plant Breeding and Acclimatization Institute

Department of Potato Storage and Processing

Division Jadwisin, 05-140 Serock, Poland

The analysis of the compiled testing results an empiric data-base was designed based on the average potato form factor gained from the optoelectronic sensor unit. The definition of sorting classes was based on the results carried out with given potato form factors (f=113, f=142, f=164).

The defined database and all necessary data, consisting of three different potato sorting classes an assigned motor motion settings, were finally implemented in the servo controller and evaluation system of the DECOP-Prototype.

After the test of the machine control (communication tests between servomotor, sensor, evaluation system) potatoes of different sizes were fed and sorted by the automated DECOP-Prototype. At several changes of fed round and long potatoes the machine reacted correctly with an adjustment of the machine settings.

Link: http://www.decop.net/

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