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Programme: 6th FP

Project title: Exploitation of natural plant biodiversity for the pesticide-free production of food

Contract nr: Food-CT-2005-513959


Project duration: 01.10.2005-30.09.2010

Main coordinator: Jaap Bakker, Wageningen University, Institute of Food Safety, Wageningen, Netherlands

Polish partner: Jerzy H. Czembor, DSc., Assoc. Prof. IHAR-PIB, Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics, Plant Breeding and Acclimatization Institute, National Research Institute Radzikow

Main objectives:
The strategic objectives of the project BIOEXPLOIT are:
- understanding of the molecular basis of durable resistance of plants to disease;
- exploration and utilization of natural variation for resistance to disease;
- speeding up the introduction of breeding based on molecular markers and genetic engineering to the breeding in EU;
- coordination and integration of research on immune breeding, training in new technologies, promoting the implementation of research results and knowledge in the commercial sector.
Research groups IHAR-NRI participate in the implementation of project tasks for cereals and potato sub-project 2: mapping, isolation and characterization of genes for qualitative and quantitative resistance in potato and wheat; in the sub-project 4: understanding the natural diversity of genetic loci associated with wheat and potato resistance to disease; and subproject 5: raising the level of resistance of potato and wheat through the use of molecular markers assisted breeding.

Link: http://bioexploit.content-e.nl/content-e/pub_BIO/BIOEXPLOIT_Public_website_LIVE_1236245995805/index.html

Contact: j.h.czembor@ihar.edu.pl

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